Greater Grace Church, Valparaiso IN
District Elder Dr. Ricardo E. Christopher, Founder/Pastor

We received $500 from the International Church Development Auxiliary to assist with the purchase of a replacement baptism pool.  The Illinois State Council Church Development Auxiliary matched the ICD gift with an additional $500.  The total cost of the new baptism pool including delivery was $3,060.00.

To prepare the pool for baptism, we had to line the old pool with a heavy-duty tarp before filling with water.  To empty, we used buckets and a team of people at the end of the service.  Also, the old pool leaked at the spout and caused irreparable damage to our hardwood floors, so we had to replace the flooring with cement boards and ceramic tile.

The new pool has been a great blessing to us because we can fill and drain the pool with ease.  As you can see from the pictures, the new pool is beautiful (stained gray with blue interior).  The new pool is more representative of what should be used in such an important sacrament as Baptism.   The impact was presentation and souls wanting to be baptized. We are grateful and appreciate the help we received.

Restoration Temple of Jesus Christ, Inc., Burgaw NC
Pastor Dan A. Smith, Jr.

We are forever thankful to the PCAF International Church Development, for their financial assistance during our renovations in March of 2017.   When we, Restoration Apostolic Temple of Jesus Christ, Inc., entered into a lease to own agreement at our property, there were some repairs that were urgent.  For instance, we only had one functioning restroom, but the floor was caving in.   It was not safe.   The pews were falling apart.  These are just a few of the needs that were urgent.   Thanks to the help of the Church Development auxiliary, we were able to begin the process at that time and we have now completed the renovations.

Thank you, and may God bless this auxiliary!

Christ Temple Church of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA
Pastor Marvin A, Rawlings, Sr. (new Pastor)

Christ Temple Church of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania was so blessed to receive a $2,000 loan from the PCAF National Church Development and a $2,000 loan from the ESSC Church Development program which enabled us to purchase and install a furnace this past winter!  Before there was no attendance, now regular attendance and growing.

We thank God for the PCAF Church Development and the ESSC and pray that we will also be a blessing to each and the Kingdom of God as we continue to grow!


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